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Our Amenities - Sundance Station

The three aspects of Sundance Station– store/laundry, wellness center and event lodge came about in a few distinct bursts of inspiration and, over time, congealed into one overall vision for a set of amenities that were unique to the RV business and, on and of their own merits, created a brand new dimension to our resort. To contact our three Sundance Centers, please call us at 503-436-1075.

Sundance Wellness Center - For the finest relaxation and well-being services in Cannon Beach, experience the Sundance Wellness Center, located in the heart of our lovely resort. Our center features an authentic Finnish Sauna and offers professional therapeutic massages uniquely tailored to fit your individual needs, as well as acupuncture and aromatherapy services.Book your appointment at 503-436-1075. For more information on the Wellness Center please click here.

Sundance General Store, Organic Tea & Coffee Bar-When we opened the Organic Tea and Coffee Bar, the distributor came in and trained us in how to make the perfect brew. They taught us how to calibrate the machine, how to time everything perfectly – it's an exacting science as well as an art form! Everything was so detailed but we had to learn, so the first month or so our campers were getting a lot of free coffee because we were practicing. We told our guests we wanted only their opinions in return for lattes, cappuccinos, mochas – it was the only way to know we were making something that was the best it could be.

We put a great emphasis on Tea, as it is a truly universal beverage that spans history and culture, as well as for its healing properties. And with its many organic varieties and types, offers many opportunities for unique experiences – which is what we're all about!

All of the employees are those who display the virtue of having a deep, consuming passion for something and who also value the experience of learning new things and teaching others, as well. The baristas don't look at coffee and tea as just part of a job, but as a tradition, an art form, a science and, most importantly, a beverage they love – a passion.

Sundance Event Lodge - The Event Lodge is one of our proudest accomplishments and the crowning glory to the Resort. From the moment the idea began gestating the vision for it had to be a place in which music would sound warm and brilliant. For what is a gathering – any gathering -- without music? We sought out the opinions of professionals in the field of acoustics and began working very closely with our architect and builders. For more information on our Sundance Event Lodge or to book your event at our Lodge: please call us at 503-436-1075 or click here.

Our Vision
The first notion was when guests would ask about the amenities we had; the feeling that we needed something more to offer and entice them – that they deserved more options. Although we had the stables and a close proximity to town and to the beach, it was not enough. The customers would ask us sometimes, “What MORE do you have?” We knew we had to offer a unique experience and create a memorable identity to remain relevant and to be a formidable competitor in the world of RV resorts.

I then began attending some RV conventions and studying the features our competitors had to offer, and upon seeing that so many RV resorts were really so similar in terms of amenities offered, I determined that what we really needed was something to set us apart and give our resort an absolutely unique identity.

So what could we do? Originally, it was an idea for a store and a laundromat. RV campers always needed to do laundry and to purchase RV supplies. At that time nobody was selling any RV necessities in our locality; depending upon what they needed, we had to send them as far as Tillamook. Our store now has a great deal of RV specific supplies – such as adapters, couplings, etc. Most importantly, we sell the RV gear right here where they are – no extra trip to another town required! We knew this had to be a part of the store.

And having noticed so often that the first question lodging guests asked at check-in was where they might find the best espresso, latte or cup of tea in town, these things were naturally must-haves for my store.

Of course, we wanted to reflect the artistic spirit and history of the Cannon Beach area by including memorabilia, souvenirs and locally created art, locally produced foods and the best made organic coffee and tea drinks.

The goal was to try and provide items that nobody else offered and to give customers an experience they'd remember. And we wanted to honor the rustic, old-fashioned feel of the Sea Ranch by making ours more of a classic “General Store” than a typical convenience food and coffee stand RV resort store. It needed to look and feel as if it had always existed here, in flow and continuity with the older buildings and their quaint, rustic styles of a forest.

The store had to reflect the natural beauty of the land and its features, using local woods, local craftsmen and local artists. And it could not be a “square”! The store had to have, in the classic style, angles and nooks that are reflections of its surroundings. A sort of “cabin” look, like something you might find up in the mountains, deep in the woods.We have the sea just a few blocks away and the land goes from beach sand to beautiful, primeval forest.

Everybody in town promotes the beach aspect of the area, but we are not beachfront. All our buildings have wood as a prominent feature. The ambiance and natural warmth that wood provides and – especially with the Event Lodge – acoustic properties that only wood has. It was the vision to honor the land by making structures that were complimentary to it and in harmony with it, and, in the creation of them to do no harm to it – we did not cut down one single tree to build! We have a philosophy of working the land and the trees into the plans, rather than altering the natural shape and flow of the land and removing trees. The land on which our resort is built is truly the source of the magic.

It was while I was working in the stables, that I noted how many of our non-lodging patrons – those who came in just to ride horses -- tended to hang around our park long before and then again even longer after their rides. Some of these people were really local and not tourists from far away, some were guests of other lodgings in town.

Seeing their desire to linger here led us to ask them exactly what it was that made them feel so at home here. Their reason: The tranquility, quaint charm and natural beauty of the park was so satisfying in contrast to the bustle, noise and frantic pace of the downtown shopping area, that they simply wanted to stay here and enjoy it a while longer. How so many of the RV guests who checked in showed signs of stress and tension upon arriving? And since the peace and tranquility of this particular piece of land appeals to so many who may not be RV-ers or campers but want to gather and relax here anyway, why not make it part of our business? The solution was the Sundance Wellness Center for healing and tranquility.

To compliment the Stables, we can have more amenities that are both unique in the world of RV resorts and are attractions of their own accord! To make an events gathering place, a relaxing wellness center and an old-fashioned general store that was, at the same time, something totally new and different.

The shape and configuration of the Event Lodge maximizes acoustic warmth. And not only does the cedar paneling make the sound of music shine, but it ties together all of the interiors – the continuity of the concept used throughout the complex, the continuous flow of energy without blockage, giving a feeling of not really being “indoors” even when you are.

Once again we've gone to every imaginable length to insure that the look and feel of our Lodge does not interfere with the rustic feeling of our park. The building is deceptive, actually! You don't feel as if you are looking at a large building when you see it. It blends so well with its surroundings that, until you are inside, you don't know how majestic it is! And never do you feel claustrophobic within it – the back of it has windows and doors opening to a glass covered wooden deck and, beyond that, a waterfall within a scenic garden that features the trees and other flora that is indigenous to the land.We built around the trees.

The goal was to have gatherings that are not confined – the people and the energy may flow freely. Using local artisans to create unique fixtures – a warm, down-home stone fireplace, for example-- and we've even got bathrooms that are works of art. It's true! People have actually come in just to look at the sinks – they're hand-painted and unlike anything else you've ever seen.

And of course we have a top-notch live sound system. It was logistically such a challenge getting it all perfect, but it is one that has paid off amazingly well.

A year-round meeting Lodge for all your needs, 2260 sq. feet, 100 + person occupancy, features include: warming kitchen, open natural garden area, Wi-Fi.

For more information on our Events, please click here

Other Sea Ranch Resort Amenities include:

  • Picnic tables
  • Wi-Fi
  • Fire ring for campfires
  • Firewood for sale
  • Clean Restrooms
  • Hot showers
  • Pets welcome on leash
  • 2.5 blocks to the beach
  • Tent sites
  • Full hook-up RV sites
  • Water and electric sites
  • Cabins
  • Laundry Room
  • Open all year
  • Horseback Rides
  • Clean & quiet park
  • Peaceful Setting
Tent Sites are available
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