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Sundance Wellness Center

For the finest relaxation and well-being services in Cannon Beach, experience the Sundance Wellness Center, located in the heart of our lovely resort. Our center features an authentic Finnish Sauna and offers professional therapeutic massages uniquely tailored to fit your individual needs, as well as acupuncture and aromatherapy services.

    •Deep Tissue
    •Face Massage
    •Certified Massage Therapists
    •Essential Oils
    • Aromatherapy

    Massage to suit your needs - $80.00
    Massage and Sauna, toiletries (hemp products) included - $100.00
    Detox - add to a massage- $60.00
    Sauna and Shower - 45 minutes -$30.00
    please bring your own towel
    For Acupuncture availability, please call to inquire.

    All services are by appointment only.
    You may schedule with the Sundance Store
    or with the Sea Ranch Resort Office, by telephone or in-person.
    To reserve a time, please call us at 503-436-1075

"I am an educator by profession – that is what my master's degree is in and what I did for many years, teaching at the college and in public schools – and so naturally I felt it was my calling to educate and enlighten campers and RV travelers, making them re-evaluate and reconsider what camping vacations are all about.

I have always been into the concept of healing; more than anything else, that is my life's passion.

Of course the purpose of a vacation is for relaxation. Thousands of other RV parks offer relaxation in the form of swimming pools and video game arcades. But I wanted to offer the option of relaxation in a holistic and deep reaching sense; relaxation as a tool for healing of mind, body and spirit.

I believe in the healing power of massage, Sauna and acupuncture. Being Peruvian, it's a great part of my cultural heritage to understand the relation of spiritual balance and well-being to physical health. I grew up taking Saunas, and I know their benefit. Instead of having a hot tub or a swimming pool, I wanted a Sauna – a real Finnish one.

We looked at a number of Massage, Sauna and Acupuncture businesses to get ideas – mainly of what NOT to do! We wanted to incorporate many different cultural aspects into it, but wanted it to be our very own. Ours was not to be exclusively one style, like Oriental or European, and a building that would feel as peaceful and relaxing as the healing modalities that happen inside of it are. Something that, when you walk into it, you begin to relax.

We did much research on colors and textures that promote relaxation and then I consulted with a artist friend of mine to work the exact colors I wanted into the design. In our buildings here, we like the concept of continuity to be featured prominently - the organic flow – that is to say that after walking through the park, you don't feel as if you've suddenly gone “inside”. We made our own fixtures; cut our own logs and fashioned them into coat hangers, even made our own hangings and draperies.

The massage therapists and acupuncturists we contract with are those who share my passion for healing; they must be not only the most accomplished and professional providers I can find, but the most passionate. Their love of what they do and their unfailing belief in the healing modalities they work in are the difference." - Carmen

    Jennifer Visser - Massage Therapist

    Jennifer is a graduate of East West school for Massage, Portland, Oregon and has studied massage abroad in Thailand. Jennifer believes strongly in the healing and rejuvenating power of relaxation and enjoys working with clients to achieve profound states of deep relaxation. A session with Jennifer is always tailored to the individual needs of her clients and may combine elements of Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue work, Passive Stretching and Triggerpoint therapy. Jennifer has a degree in sports science from Cal State University and before becoming a massage therapist worked in the Athletic training room for her university. In her free time Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, traveling and surfing. Jennifer is available by appointment Monday through Sunday.

    Beth Rogers - Massage Therapist

    Beth Rogers, LMT, grew up on the beautiful Oregon coast and has always appreciated the gifts that nature gives. She went to East/West College of Healing Arts and began her practice in 1999. Beth has a true passion for massage therapy and honors the body's ability to find harmony and balance with healing, healthy touch. Over the years Beth has practiced a discipline of deep breathing, listening to her clients and surroundings and focusing her thoughts on well-being. Rogers' modalities include: deep tissue, hot stones, reflexology, pregnancy and sound therapy.

    Kate Bestgen - Massage Therapist

    Kate Bestgen knew immediately that massage therapy was what she was meant to do. "The ability to make an unspoken connection with someone that can help heal both mind and body is truly amazing." She has been practicing bodywork now for over 14 years specializing in several modalities. Swedish, deep tissue, La Stone, Thai and Reiki techniques to name a few. Her family owned a day spa and salon in the Vancouver/Portland area for 10 years before she made her way down to beautiful Cannon Beach to continue her practice.

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